Proper Roof Ventilation

Roof line of a house with gabels

The long term performance of your roof depends on a few things, but not as important as the ventilation and attic space underneath. The lack of proper roof ventilation leads to musty smells as well as voiding an asphalt shingle warranty if damage to the roof is due to improper ventilation. This article is here to inform you of the ways that proper roof ventilation

Ventilation of attic spaces is required by most building codes as well as by roofing material manufacturers, requiring a ratio of 1/150 ventilation space to attic floor space. There are a few different options when it comes to proper roof ventilation. Ridge vents are a ventilation strip placed along the ridge line of your house. Before¬†installing the ridge vent, a 1″ wide strip of roof decking is cut out along both sides of the ridge line to allow for air movement through the vent. It is important that air movement occurs and is not impeded by any framing members of the home. Gable vents are installed in the gable ends of the house. They are normally louvered vents that allow air drawn out of the attic but prevent moisture from blowing back in the home.

Proper roof ventilation is important not just for the life expectancy of the roof but also the heating and air conditioning systems. Not to mention that if there isn’t proper ventilation your heating and cooling costs of your home will skyrocket.

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