4 Metal Roofing Benefits

Metal Roofing Benefits | Piedmont RoofingWhen it comes to roofing materials, there is a wide variety of materials to choose from, but metal roofing is quickly becoming one of the most popular options. When roofing your home the materials used must provide beauty to the exterior of your home as well as be durable enough to withstand the elements. There is a vast array of metal roofing benefits, including the durability, design options and the cost effectiveness.

Here are the four most common metal roofing benefits to consider for your next roofing project.

Fire Resistant

Unlike some roofing materials, such as shingle and cedar roofs, a metal roof is naturally resistant to fire. This is one of the most important metal roofing benefits because it can save your home from potential fires. The metal is contracts and expands in high levels of heat. Although some roofing materials, such as ceramic tiles are made to be fire retardant, this type of roofing is typically more expensive than metal and it is much heavier. Ceramic tiles are also prone to cracking and/or chipping during high winds. A metal roof withstands the heat as well as high winds.

Cost Effective

Another one of the most popular metal roofing benefits is the cost effectiveness in the long run. The cost may seem slightly higher than other roofing materials, however, the overall value outweighs the cost. The life-span of a metal roof is significantly longer than other material options. For example, asphalt typically needs replaced about every 10 years. A metal roof, can typically last a minimum of 50 years. A shingle roof will needs replacing about 4-5 times more often than the installation of one metal roof.

Save on Energy Costs

One of the most beneficial reasons to consider installing a metal roof is the savings you have in heating and cooling costs. Metal reflects a large amount of the sun’s energy. This will help you save money on the cost of electricity to heat and cool your home. Metal roofing can often save homeowners as much as 40 percent on their cooling costs. Your home will feel much cooler, because the metal re-emits as much as 90 percent of the solar radiation. In most situations, a metal roof can be installed directly over your existing shingle roof, which will save you money on the cost of a tear-off, as well as provide an added layer of insulation. Another way you may save money is in on the cost of your home insurance, because many insurance providers offer a discount for homeowners with a metal roof.

Design Options

There are several types of metal to choose from for roofing. Each type comes with its own metal roofing benefits. The most popular metals are tin, aluminum and copper. Tin is typically on smaller roofs, such as a small overhang roof or a shed. It is the least expensive, but it may be prone to rust and corrosion. This is especially true if one doesn’t maintain it. Aluminum is suitable for any structure. It is lightweight, durable and resistant to corrosion. Copper roofing is popular for the aesthetic beauty it provides. It is often more expensive than aluminum, but it requires very little maintenance. A metal roof can also be designed to look like other roofing materials, such as wood, stone or clay tiles for a fraction of the cost of these materials and it provides more durable protection.

Since metal roofing is made with recycled metal, it is environmentally friendly. And you can do your part for the environment by recycling it in the future.