What You Should Know

Piedmont Roofing is a standing seam metal roofing company located in Virginia.

Things you should know about your potential roofing contractor:


  • You should have a “Class A” contractor that has the highest certification in the state.
  • Very important:  The contractor should be able to provide you with proof of insurance and workers’ compensation specifically for roofing, Code 5551.  A certificate should be provided directly to you by the contractor’s insurance carrier who will also verify the roofing Code 5551 ; otherwise, the insurance is invalid and there is no protection coverage for your project .
  • Your contractor should be willing to provide you with a workmanship warranty in writing.
  • Would manufacturers and/or distributors recommend your roofing contractor?
  • Your roofing contractor should supply you with multiple references.
  • Does the contractor have a workforce to complete your project in a timely manner?
  • How many jobs does the company complete in an average year?
  • Piedmont Roofing is a certified distributor and installer of custom and hand-forged copper and zinc guttering systems and accessories.
  • Will your contractor provide a warranty?