Benefits of a Sustainable Roof

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The idea of having a green, sustainable roof and home is something that more people than ever are interested in. After all, humans are causing damage to the Earth faster than it can repair itself, and we don’t want to end up without a planet to live on, do we?

An element of the house that it is easy to overlook in this aspect is the roof. Yet, you might be surprised to find that there are a number of easy and interesting ways of getting a sustainable roof that helps you to live an eco-friendly life.

What Is a Sustainable Roof?

To start on this subject, we need to consider what a sustainable roof is in the first place. The truth is that there is no one definition on what this sort of roof should look like.

This is because it can be sustainable to help the planet in a number of ways. The approach that is best for each property really depends upon many factors. These include the current state of the property and the climate near the house location.

The following are a few of the best approaches and their benefits that you can implement to create a sustainable roof.

The Green Roof and Its Benefits

One of the most exciting ways to get a sustainable green roof is through adding a green, living element to it with grass, plants, and even trees. The green roof idea is something that has a long and interesting history throughout the centuries in different countries.

It has recently become more popular, though, as modern techniques and technologies mean that properties with grass and plants on their roofs are now becoming far more common all over the world. From quaint houses to big factories and office buildings, this is a type of roof that adds to the character and looks of a building.

A big advantage to this type of roof is that it stops excess rainwater from simply running off. It can also help to keep the property warm in a natural way, lowering heating costs. It also helps native plants to flourish even in the middle of a big city. Of course, it can also help the Earth to produce more of the vital oxygen that we all need in order to survive.

The Solar Roof and Its Benefits

Sustainable Roof with Solar Panels | Piedmont Roofing

Another approach that it is worth considering is adding a solar roof. Basically, this means fitting solar panels on your roof that provide the property with clean, renewable energy.

Using this type of roof means that there is usually no need for the use of other types of energy. This is great news for homeowners, and the planet’s resources. In some cases, solar panels produce enough energy for the homeowner to sell some of it back to their grid. This provides people around them with cleaner energy at home too.

As for the people who live in the home, they should find that over time the solar panels pay for themselves and then eventually lead to money savings as they carry on giving free, green energy day after day.

The White Roof and Its Benefits

You may be surprised to see that white roofs are also rated as being among the most sustainable and environmentally friendly types of roof around. This is because a white colored roof will reflect far more of the sunlight than a dark colored one would.

The importance of this is that it keeps the property cool. On the one hand, this means that the owners don’t need to use air conditioning during a hot summer. It also means the town or city they live in gets a helping hand in the battle against global warming and urban hotspots or heat islands.

As with any other type of eco-friendly approach taken at home, it is easy to think that it makes little difference to the planet overall. Yet, if we all moved to a more sustainable type of roofing, then it is clear to see the huge benefits this would bring. Not only does this roof help the environment, but it is easy to implement as well. It’s as easy as choosing to paint your roof a lighter color.  Making this type of change is a sensible thing to do.

The Blue Roof and Its Benefits

Not everyone is aware that a blue roof is another option for getting more of an eco-friendly house. This kind of roof is one that is cleverly designed to capture and store rainfall or other water.

There are different kinds of blue roofs around and each of them has its own list of benefits. For example, they can be used to lower the impact of rainfall runoff, to store water for irrigation or to keep the building cool.

There has been a lot of work done in this area in recent years, with some terrific results. Typically, the water that is stored will be slowly released, which is good for the environment. This can lower the strain on sewers and rivers during periods of heavy rain.

The Benefits of a Roof in a Good State of Repair

Finally, no matter what type of roof a home has, you should keep it maintained. Keeping it in a good state of repair is something that is beneficial for both the homeowner and the environment. For example, if the roof is damaged then far too much heat could be escaping from it. This means that the homeowners need to crank the heating up higher and in the end will consume more energy.

By replacing damaged tiles or getting an aged roof replaced, any home can become instantly warmer and more energy efficient. This is great news for the people who live in it and also for the planet that we live on.


There are now numerous ways to make a roof greener and more sustainable. By taking some time to think about the options you should be able to find the perfect option for your sustainable roof.

Even just taking some simple steps to keep your existing roof in excellent condition will make sure that you are making an effort to help the planet. Start making your plans today.