Home Upgrades: Enhancing Your Home’s Architecture

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Now that the mortgage is paid in full, you would love to make some changes and home upgrades to your house. What remains to be decided is what sort of updates would improve the curb appeal and also offer some practical benefits. There are a number of ways that you can achieve both goals and still keep the improvements affordable. Here are some home upgrades that you should consider to boost curb appeal.

Making Changes to the Home Façade

One of the best home upgrades to provide your older home with a fresh look is to consider changing the façade. While this will be more costly than slapping on a few coats of paint, a fresh façade will make a difference in more than one way. This change to the architecture of your home often leads to savings in the years to come.

There are several ways to go with a new home façade. One approach is to invest in vinyl or aluminum siding. The installation process for each approach helps to fill in tiny gaps found in the exterior walls. Once the job is done, you’ll find that the home heating and cooling system will not run as often. As you see the decrease in the monthly utility costs, you’ll appreciate that new siding even more.

Remember that these siding options won’t need painting in the years to come. That’s another way that changing the home façade will save money.

To get an idea of color and style options, it pays to contact a contractor who is known to use only the best products. If there is someone in the area who is familiar with Ply Gem siding options, that’s a good place to start.

Home Upgrades to Boost Curb Appeal | Piedmont Roofing

How About a Window Update?

Several of the windows don’t function as efficiently as they did in years past. Thanks to signs of warping, deterioration and other issues, those windows have caused you to mutter certain words under your breath when trying to raise or lower a sash. Before you begin to shout those words out loud, why not consider replacing all the windows in your home?

See this as a chance to make a design change as well as a structural change. If you’ve never been completely happy with the style of windows gracing your home, now is the opportunity to explore other designs. Depending on what kind of windows you choose, the expense of purchase and installation will fit into your budget easily.

As with the new façade, these home upgrades also help to reduce utility costs. All the tiny spots where air seeps in between sashes or around frames will be sealed. Who doesn’t like the idea of keeping the indoor temperature at a desired level without having to deal with a high utility bill?

Another perk of new windows is the impact that they have on the look of the house. Even if you think your current windows are not that bad, you’ll be surprised at how much better the place looks once the new windows are in place.

Changing the Doors

As long as you’re thinking about doing something with the façade and the windows, why not consider investing in new exterior doors? Changing the style of the front door will make the entry more inviting. As a bonus, you can choose a door that never has to be painted or stained again. That will save money in the years to come.

Don’t overlook the possibility of making some changes to doors in the home. You may even want to add doors where none existed before. For example, you love the open arch between the living and dining rooms, but there are times when you wish you could close the dining room off. Consider adding a custom-fitted set of French doors to the framing. When the doors are open, they add another visual element to the room. Even when they are closed, the doors will improve the general look and feel of both rooms. These home upgrades can be highly customizable, making for the perfect home.

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A New Roof Would Be Nice

The current roof served you well over the last three decades, but it’s beginning to need more repairs. Now is a good time to talk with a professional and check out different roofing types. Depending on what other changes you want to make to the home exterior, consider going with a different style, material, and color. Installing a new roof is one of the most important home upgrades because of the sheer importance a roof plays. Do not hold off on roof repairs or upgrades when needed.

Remember to keep your location and climate in mind when looking for a cost effective roof. Do you live in an area that snows quite often? Consider metal roofing. Is the climate around your house dry and sunny? Look into tile. Thanks to the ability to create digital simulations, you can get an idea of what a certain roof style and color would look like before you make a choice.

Time for New Fencing

Not all home upgrades are focused solely on the home. How long have you wanted to rip out the chain link fencing and install a privacy fence around the back yard? Now is a great time to compare materials, designs, and the cost of upkeep and maintenance associated with different options. You’ll find it easy to come up with a solution that blends in with the look of the home. Best of all, you get to enjoy the back yard without others peering around to see who is visiting, what’s cooking on the grill, or what you’re planting in the flower bed.

Don’t Forget the Gutters

With all the home upgrades you have in mind, it’s easy to overlook the gutter system. Instead of replacing the dented sections and slapping new paint on the entire system, why not look into the idea of installing a new vinyl gutter network? You can also think about investing in a system that comes with gutter guards. The vinyl eliminates the need to paint and ensures you don’t have to deal with rusting. Guards as part of the system keeps larger chunks of debris from getting into the system and creating clogs. You’ll find that cleaning out the system once or twice a year is less messy.

Now that the home is yours alone, start making these home upgrades that you’ve always wanted. Identify specific projects and prioritize them in terms of how much money is on hand and the benefits they provide. While it may take awhile to get everything done, the results will be worth the wait.