Summer Is Here and the Time Is Right to Renovate Your Home

summer home renovationsWith summer already underway, it is time to prepare your home for a fun-filled vacation. More importantly, summertime is the best time to begin home improvement projects before the wind and rain of wintertime. While the sun is out, work on these projects to get your home back in shape.

Time to Power Wash 

When the sun is out, it is time to bust out the power washer. Give your home exterior and walkways a high-power wash to get rid of grime and build up. If you plan on painting your house, you will want to use a power wash beforehand so that the paint can adhere to the walls properly.

Repair Your Windows 

Whether you need an air conditioner during the summertime or have a large wintertime heating bill, sealed windows can help. Caulking the seals around windows and doors will help you to save on your energy bills. This simple project only requires a caulking gun, caulk and a putty knife. If you have never caulked anything before, try practicing on a spare piece of lumber first. You need to have a steady hand and consistent pressure when you squeeze out the caulk. If your windows are beyond repair, you can easily replace them during the summer.

Consider Metal Roofing Options 

A new roof can help to boost your home’s value and increase the energy efficiency of the home. Metal roofs tend to last longer than asphalt shingles and require minimal maintenance. Whether you want a metal roof or something else, you will want to install it during the summer. Later on, you will need your roof to keep out the elements. Right now is the best time to install a new roof for the best energy efficiency and a higher home value. For in-depth projects, hire a professional to inspect the roof, identify problems and fix it.

Install a New Deck 

If you were thinking about getting a porch or a deck for barbecues, right now is an excellent time to do it. Decks are extremely easy to install, and they can be made in just a few days or less. If you already have a deck, it is fairly easy to fix and replace new boards. A deck can increase the value of your home, so it is a worthwhile investment to make. More importantly, it improves your outdoor living space for the perfect summertime meals, picnics and barbecues.

Buy a Ceiling Fan 

Hot days and rising temperatures mean that you need a new way to stay cool. Air conditioning units are effective, but they can add hundreds of dollars to your electricity bill. For a cost-efficient alternative, consider installing a ceiling fan. The entire project takes less than a day to complete, and a ceiling fan will allow you to stay cool while lowering your electricity bill.

While springtime is actually better for landscaping, you can still get landscaping done during the summertime. You can use this time of year for additional home projects like painting the house or installing ceiling fans. Use the next few months wisely, and your home will be in excellent shape for wintertime.


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