Green Options With a Roofing Leesburg Professional

Green Options With a Roofing Leesburg Professional | Piedmont Roofing

Living a greener life carries immense benefits, both for the individual and for the planet as a whole. That’s why it’s so important for all of us to try and lower our ecological footprint throughout our lives. While picking up trash, using plant-and-animal friendly chemicals, and reducing how often you drive your vehicle can help. Selecting the right roof, and roofing Leesburg professional helps to go green as well.

Energy-efficient homes aren’t just an option anymore, they’re the most sensible choice for today’s homeowners. Today’s roof materials are made using greener materials that last longer–reducing both waste and energy loss within your home. Not sure where to start? The roofing Leesburg options listed here will get you started on the path to a fantastic new eco-friendly roof that pays for itself over time.

What Makes a Roof “Green?”

The term “green” can often be open to a bit of interpretation, especially within construction. But most professionals agree that a roof qualifies as “green” when it benefits the environment in some way, either directly or indirectly.

The most obvious way in which roofing Leesburg professionals can make your roof green is to actually install a living garden on top of it. These green roofs are most common in the city, and are often installed at the top of skyscrapers and other tall buildings. Some installations use small mini-roofs at each floor tier in addition to the top-most roof. The main benefit is in appearance and in the fact that plants help to scrub the air of pollutants–an easy way to access better air quality.

But roofs can be considered eco-friendly for other reasons, too. Leesburg roofing materials sourced from sustainable forestry or those that improve energy efficiency also qualify.

Roofing Leesburg: Green Trends

Green Garden Roof | Piedmont Roofing

The biggest current green roofing trend trend is the cool roof. This is a special energy efficiency roof made from a combination of foam, rubber, and special tiles that are then coated in a thick layer of solar-reflecting paint. This is ideal in summer as it keeps the inside of your home up to 15 percent cooler. There is at least some evidence that cool roofs may also provide a slight benefit in winter, too, keeping heat inside.

The green planted or garden roof is also increasing in popularity alongside the others, though it’s been around for decades. Not only does it look fantastic, but it also soaks up water and precipitation. That’s ideal in areas that get a high amount of rain, monsoons, or even flooding throughout the warmer season.

The third and most common green roofing trend is the roof that also collects and stores power. Called “net zero” products, these roofs may contain solar panels or small wind turbines connected to a battery. This can provide up to 100 percent of a building’s total power if the installation is robust enough.

Although it isn’t a trend, sustainable roofing materials are the most common way for property owners to access green roofing. Out of the many options, sustainable products are often also the most affordable choice.

Can You Benefit?

Every building owner can benefit from sustainable or greener trends for roofing Leesburg. Whether you use sustainable wood shingles or a heat transferring clay roof, installing a green roof will provide you with many in-depth benefits. Best of all, updating to green roofing technology can significantly increase the value of your home.

Average Cost and Budget Info

Just how much will a sustainable green roof cost you? That’s a question without an easy answer. The overall cost and budget will change, sometimes dramatically, depending on exactly what roof you install. For low-budget projects, look to install sustainable shingles. If your budget is flexible, go for solar and wind-collecting roofing. Planting on your flat roof is accessible for nearly any budget. Start with pots and then have a turf roof installed once you’re able to afford it.

Custom Roofing Jobs

The best way to ensure that you get a green roof that’s best suited to your individual needs is to have a local roofing company come out and assess your property. The choices for homeowners will often vary from those available to commercial property owners simply because the latter is likely to have a larger budget.

Never choose a solution unless you’re sure it’s right–everything from the pitch of your roof to the climate you live in can impact which roofing materials are right for you.

Determining which Leesburg roofing product or solution is best for your needs starts with a thorough and exhaustive investigation of your current roof. Your roofing specialist will measure, investigate, and examine your entire roof, looking for signs of potential problems like leaks, mold, and other organic invasions. Any structural problems need to be corrected first before the new roof is installed.

Remember: while a green roof may require a monetary investment, it can and often will save you money over time. On average, green roofing technologies pay for themselves tenfold. That’s an excellent return on your investment. Best of all, these newer materials and technologies outlast and outperform most previous iterations by decades. Install them and enjoy replacing your roof once every 30-40 years instead of every decade.