Identifying Orange County Roof Repair Problems

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Homeowners find themselves needing roof repairs frequently in the Piedmont plateau. High summer humidity and even the sun can break down a roof, and that eventually leads to problems. Leaks occur, the structural integrity deteriorates, the appearance changes, drafts get in, and numerous other problems can occur. Restoring your roof early is imperative to extending its overall lifespan. Here’s how your local Orange County roof repair professionals identify and address those pesky rooftop issues when you call.

How to Identify Orange County Roof Repair Problems

Sometimes, you can notice Orange County roof repair and problems easily just by standing outside. Those are the problems that need to be addressed quickly, and they’re often the first sign of trouble. If you can clearly see that shingles are warped, the roof is sloped, a tree is touching down on the rooftop, or there is otherwise damage done to the surface, you should assume a larger issue exists.

In other cases, you may notice your problems first indoors instead. If you find that your ceiling is leaking, it could mean a leak in the rooftop. Feeling a draft could also indicate a problem, as it means wind is finding its way indoors. The most common place for this to happen is at the ceiling and wall joints.

When you notice a problem from the inside, it indicates a serious problem that needs immediate attention. The issue has developed from the roof and made its way to the ceiling and the rest of the house. Leaving these issues alone will result in significant damage to the home or disaster for your family.

Structural Integrity

A roof needs to be structurally sound if it is going to hold up well to the elements. If the integrity is compromised, it could spell trouble for the remainder of your home. It’s important to look for signs of diminishing structural integrity. If you see any, call an Orange County roof repair professional right away. The ceiling may start to cave under the weight of a sloped roof, the walls can become damaged, and pieces may fall through and cause harm to those who live in the home. Look for signs like bubbling paint, chipping drywall at the joints, and water stains in the ceiling as your first sign of trouble.

As soon as any sign of structural issues are noticed, you should call an Orange County roofing contractor. This nearly always represents a problem with the overall roof.


The appearance of your roof matters, too. An unsightly roof can drag down the value of your home and make it unpleasant to live in, especially if it has sunken spots and broken shingles. Never feel like you need to suffer through these issues simply because they’re cosmetic; most issues are fixed quite easily in a single service call to an Orange County roof repair company.


When you start to notice water stains on your ceiling, it is a good indication that a leak has developed from your roof. The rain is getting inside and causing damage to other components of the home. If you have an attic, climb up inside and carefully inspect the support beams and ceiling. You’re looking for rivulets and stains; when you find them, track them back and you should find the entry point. Let your Orange County roof repair expert know where the leak is starting. He can reapply caulking and repair the damage so no more water drips down and causes problems. He can then locate the exterior leak and fix that, too.


Homeowners typically do their best to keep the temperature in their homes comfortable. When a draft gets in, it can upset the temperature in the house, and may even throw off the thermostat and kick it on at inappropriate times. This can raise energy prices and cost homeowners money.

When you feel a draft, it is best for you to find where it is coming from immediately. A draft can come down from the roof if there is a damaged area at the joints or along crown moulding. The shingle that’s allowing air in should be replaced by an Orange County roof repair professional so the draft stops coming through and throwing off the temperature.

Drafts can also be a symptom of a larger issue–where there is one, there is often many. Any drafts coming from the roof are cause for a full multipoint inspection.


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Shingles are affordable, easy to install, customizable…and unfortunately, prone to problems over time. They can come loose, sink in, warp, crack, and otherwise become damaged. With just one shingle out of place, your entire roof system can be compromised. Check your roof often to see if any shingles are damaged, missing, or out of sorts. A repairman can replace just one shingle at a time if needed, or all of them at once.

Organic Invasions

Because a roof is exposed to the outside, organic invasions are bound to happen. No, this doesn’t mean your roof is about to be attacked by aliens (though that would certainly be an issue, too). It means organisms may begin to call it home.

Mold can grow on a roof if it is not kept clean and maintained, especially if that side of the roof is exposed to rain or precipitation first. While a little bit of mold isn’t an issue, too much can weaken your roof’s structural integrity and even cause holes in your roof–a much, much bigger problem.

Look for roots and moss growing along the shingles, especially along 90-degree angles and in full sun. There are special products that will kill off the organic compounds growing on your roof and help keep it free from them in the future.

If all of these issues sound startling, understand that most homeowners don’t have problems with properly maintained roofs for decades. A single maintenance call a year can ward off potential issues, and includes any fixes and replacements you might need along the way. Whether organic invasions occur, shingles come loose, or leaks start to develop, a an Orange County roof repair professional can restore the roof to its usual appearance. Then, you can get back to the business of enjoying your home rather than worrying about your roof.