Tips From Your Rappahannock County Roofing Company

Tips From Your Rappahannock County Roofing Company | Piedmont Roofing

Calling all Rappahannock residents: is it time for you to install a new roof? Perhaps you’re experiencing leaks and other minor roofing problems that you’re not sure how to fix. Either way, roofing can be a complex and difficult topic for homeowners. Piedmont, your Rappahannock County roofing company works tirelessly to help homeowners unearth the truth about the roof by identifying the most common problems and then evaluating the cost to repair or replace in a quote. Although a consultation with a roofing professional is best, you can become your own advocate with just a little bit of knowledge. Here are three tips from your Rappahannock County roofing company to ensure your roof lasts as long as possible.

Tips From Your Rappahannock County Roofing Company

Piedmont, your Rappahannock County roofing company shares how to determine common problems, and what can be done in order to avoid them. The first thing homeowners must do is determine if they need their roof repaired, or fully replaced. After that, homeowners can follow these tips to avoid such roofing issues, and ensure their roof is durable and will protect them throughout the year.

Do You Need Your Roof Repaired?

Would you know if your roof needed to be repaired? How can you spot the signs of imminent roofing failure? The truth is that by the time most homeowners come to a roofing specialist, the damage is already deep and extensive. Spotting problems early isn’t easy, especially without getting a closer look–that means climbing up on the roof and investigating its integrity.

If you’re not comfortable with that, you’re not alone. Many homeowners decide to call a Rappahannock County roofing company for an inspection instead.

If you do feel that you can take a look safely, note that you should never climb up on the roof alone. Always do so in pairs. A second person provides a safety check if something goes wrong.

Look for obvious signs of cracks, peeling, or chipping on roof materials. Water that runs in rivulets into cracks and then disappears is a surefire sign of a leak–after all, the water has to go somewhere. Black, green, or red mold is a sign of an organic invasion and high moisture, and may be a forerunner to mold on the underside of your roof.

An uneven, slanted, or buckled roof is an urgent problem. This condition points to structural integrity at dangerous levels. If your roof demonstrates these signs, do not climb up to take a look unless you are wearing safety gear and are absolutely sure of your steps. It may be unsafe or unstable–you could even fall through. Call a roofing professional instead.

Simple, At-Home Maintenance Tips

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Most roofing companies will tell you that the best way to extend the life of your roof (whether new or old) is to maintain it properly throughout the year. While inspections are a major part of that maintenance, there are other tasks that can help as well.

In the winter, push heavy snow off the roof when it sticks. A telescoping shovel helps with this, though if your home is high enough, you may need a ladder to extend your reach.

The same is true for water if you have a flat roof; be sure that it channels away and off of the roof instead of pooling in the middle. If it does pool up, speak with a roofing contractor to evaluate drainage solutions.

Keep gutters, storm drains, and other drainage systems free of leaves and debris throughout the year. Plugs will prevent water from draining and might even cause extensive damage, too.

Check joints and bends in your roof for integrity issues twice yearly. This includes the area around chimneys, ventilation ducts, and anywhere else where the roof comes to a corner point. Look for lifting, cracking, and peeling. Shingles that begin to lift can be repasted down temporarily with glue, but be aware that this condition often points to a moisture problem that should be addressed, too.

Don’t forget to check the inside of your roof as well as the outside. Look at the ceiling in the highest point of your home (often the attic) for brown stains, cracks in the plaster, bubbles, or even walls close to the ceiling joint. These are all a sign of a leak.

Yearly Maintenance – A Must

As mentioned above, the best way to ward off roof problems and extend the life of your roof is to schedule a consultation with a roofing professional. The best time to schedule a maintenance call depends on when you purchase your home and how long it’s been, but generally, you should attempt to have your roof looked at in the spring and fall. Your contractor can detect issues early and also resolve them on the spot in many cases.

For problems that aren’t easily fixed, your Rappahannock County roofing company can write up a quote and schedule a full repair at a time that’s convenient for you. Your friendly neighborhood roofer is your best defense against sudden and serious structural collapse and expensive repairs. Make keeping your roof, whether new or old, a priority, and you’ll enjoy it for decades without the need for replacement.

From clay to solar–today’s roofing technology is robust and able to keep pace with the needs of consumers better than ever. If you’re unsure about the best way to address your roofing problems, consult with a pro. Your situation and home are both individual, and thus, your solution should be individual, too. Custom roofing installations are the best way to ensure fantastic results from your next project.